The BFR is a limited release, one of a kind wine like no other. While its name has different meanings depending on who you ask, those on the inside know the truth. Bob Franchitto’s Red, Big Friendly Red and Bob’s Favourite Red are all friendly adaptations but once you’ve tried it you know that is a...BIG F@#%ING RED!

BFR Touriga Lagrein Cabernet

$199.00 each

This wine is a blend of Touriga, Lagrein and Cabernet Sauvignon. Each wine was fermented individually to get the most out of it before being expertly blended together. It is a vivid deep dark purple in colour with aromas of black cherries, florals, wild herbs and liquorice savouriness to round it out. The palate it supple, dapper and poised with a fine grip of wild black fruits, resulting in exotic savoury notes over a rich red and black berry fruit canvas with a long finish.

The Touriga was added to this blend as is contributes a big nose of grapey florals as well as some black fruit. It is also the reason for the intense colour, a vivid deep dark purple. The Lagrein was selected for this blend as it fills in any missing structure very well, as well as adding s silkiness to the texture. It also adds in some savouriness through selected herbal notes. The Cabernet Sauvignon was the final instalment for this blend as it generates some additional fruit weight and complements the fruit characters from the Touriga and Lagrein. In addition, it also creates balance on the palate and nice length as the perfect finish.

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