Frequently Asked Questions

Salena Estate Wines’ winery and bottling line are certified with Australia Certified Organic (ACO) who are an arm of BFA and Salena Estate Wines is internationally accredited with IFOAM and NOP in the USA.
Salena Estate Wines has 250 acres of premium red wine grapes “in-conversion”. These where fully certified organic in 2009.
Salena Estate Wines produces 35,000 cases of organic wine annually.
Organic means the grapes are produced and the wine is made with no synthetic in-puts. No artificial chemicals, pesticides, weedicide and fertilizers are allowed in the vineyard or organic wine production. Salena plant cereals & legumes between the rows to put back nitrogen into the soil. No Genetically Modified Organisms are allowed to be used in organic wine production. Wine additives are restricted to naturally occurring elements, hence sulphur dioxide is allowed, however its use is restricted to levels much lower than those found in normal wines. In the winery, strict cleanliness procedures and protocols are adhered to in order to avoid contamination of the wine.
It takes three years to convert a vineyard from normal production to Organic production.
Yes, all our organic wines are vegan.
The shelf life of Organic wine should not be any different to that of normally made wines. In fact, we have found that our organic wines are much richer in flavour and better structured than non-organic wines from similar vineyard sites, allowing them to be cellared longer.
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