Salena Estate Gold Label Collection

Salena Gold Cabernet Sauvignon

Perfumed with cassis and rhubarb aromas.

Salena Gold Chardonnay

Fresh and lively with lemon and lime citrus characters.

Salena Gold Merlot

Aromas of ripe plums and rich forest berries to the secondary complexity of fruitcake and a gentle, sweet oak list.

Salena Gold Moscato Bianco

Fresh, fruity and lively with delicate white peach and lime flavours in an easy drinking style.

Salena Gold Petit Verdot

Typical rich violets, dried petals, herbs and blackcurrants.

Salena Gold Riesling

Coming soon.

Salena Gold Shiraz

Intense mulberry and spice coupled with liquorice, while the delicate oak maturation give it depth and complexity.

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