Ink Series

The Ink Series wines are a collection of alternate varieties from Italy, Spain and France. These old word varieties, with some dating back to Ancient Roman times, are being given a makeover.. Stand out from the crowd and try something different, or better yet try your hand and the correct pronunciation of the varieties – it’s amusing for everyone.

Ink Series Montepulciano

Spice, mulberries and vanillin characters are present on the nose.

Ink Series Sangiovese

Wild herbs, cherries and violets all present on the nose, the palate is light with graceful structure.

Ink Series TLC

Exotic savoury notes over a rich red and black berry fruit canvas.

Ink Series Bianco d’Alessano

Aromas of pear, loquats and pineapple, and follows on into the palate with balance acidity.

Ink Series Fiano

A lively nose of lemon grass and jasmine that are accompanies on the palate with a crisp fruity finish.

Ink Series Graciano

A complex infusion of white pepper, dried fruits and ripe blackberries.

Ink Series Lagrein

Dark red fruit blends; crushed violets and mulberry are present on the nose.

Ink Series Nero d’Avola

The freshness of ripe cherry and dried white peach on the nose.

Ink Series Petit Verdot

Rich violets, dried petals, herbs and blackcurrant mix together to create a superbly rounded structure.

Ink Series Tempranillo

The black cherry, plum and mulberry notes on the nose are also present on the palate.

Ink Series Touriga

The lavish spicy fruit envelops rosy Turkish delight moving on to a nicely balanced medium palate.

Ink Series Vermentino

The nose shows white peach and lemon lime citrus with an abundant floral finish.

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