New 837 Limoncello by Salena


With the opening of Cucina 837 at Salena came the beginning of something else, Limoncello! Not just any limoncello, but homemade, hand peeled and hand bottled limoncello. That’s a lot of sore hands to bring you, in our opinion, some of the best limoncello outside if Italy.

What made us decide to start making limoncello while we are in the process of opening a restaurant and about to head into vintage, you ask? Good question.

As family if we’re not doing a million things in a day then it gets boring. But seriously, owner Bob and chef Vincenzo wanted to create an authentic Italian experience at Cucina 837 at Salena and common practice in the south of Italy is to offer limoncello at the end of a meal. With that in mind they set out to find some as good as they could get in the old country, but it was becoming a serious struggle. So as any ethnic child has heard from their parents, if you’re going to do it, do it right, so they decided to make it themselves.

After several trial batches and a lot of taste testing, some good, some went down like fire, they perfected it. Currently, we are already on the second batch made for Cucina 837 with a waitlist of people preparing for the festive season.

Book in to have a taste for yourself.

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