We are so excited to announce that we are launching a new brand in April called #genS !

Forget everything you thought you knew about wine, this is serious wine in a new way. No more stuffy wine talk with words that don’t make any sense and goodbye snobby wine wankers.

Welcome to generation Salena. What generation is that you ask? Whatever generation you are.

The generation who loves wine.

The generation who want wine in a new way.

The generation who are sick of being told what to like.

And the generation who know what they like.

Bringing generations together… that’s #genS !

Fall in love again with your favourites by crossing boundaries with colour you can taste. Its serious wines for the fun generation with no more stuffy wine talk. Fun, simple, sophisticated and for everyone.

Life’s more fun when you drink #genS so share the love online or by carrier pigeon #genSbysalena

Mwah mwah, Salena

There will be 11 wines in this range coming to you over three releases this year.

Release 1 is coming in April and will include:

Get Sassy with Savvy

Shimmer and Shake Chardy

Slay All Day, Then Rosé

Find your Mojo with Moscato

Stressed, Blessed and Shiraz Obsessed

Cab Sauv, It’s A Vibe

Release 2 is coming in June and will include:

You, Me and Pinot Gri-gio

Mwah Mwah, Pinot Noir

Stop Moping, it’s Merlot

Release 3 is coming in August and will include:

Add Some Sparkling to Your Sparkle

Tantrum Tamer Tawny

Stay tuned on our dedicated Instagram page @gensbysalena for all the details.

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