“Salena Estate is a family-owned company making premium wines that redefine the standards for quality and value.“

Founded in 1998, Salena Estate is owned by Bob and Sylvia Franchitto and named after their daughter Salena. From the very beginning, Salena Estate’s objective was to become recognised as a maker of world class wines that represent great value in any global market.

Located in the Riverland region of South Australia which is Australia’s premier inland wine region. Internationally, the Riverland is responsible for a major percentage of all Australian wines exported overseas.  Domestically, the Riverland accounts for approximately half of South Australia’s total crush and around one quarter of Australia’s production of wine. Riverland wine is one of Australia’s youngest and most dynamic and innovative wine regions, that offers a diverse, adaptable and delectable wine experience like no other.

Salena Estate is a truly vertically integrated enterprise. It grows its own grapes on 250 hectares, harvests and quickly transports them to a modern winery located on site, and then completes the production process by bottling and packaging before shipping to markets across the globe.

The facilities at Salena Estate represent a multi-million-dollar investment and incorporate the latest state-of-the-art equipment and systems. However, the traditional aspects of winemaking are embraced as well as the high-tech. Salena Estate winery also houses a sizable array of French and American oak hogsheads and barriques, where our red wines rest quietly for months or even years to develop the perfect oak maturation characters. For maximum precision and quality control throughout production, all processes are measured and monitored by the winery’s in-house laboratory facilities.

In addition to producing its own wine brands that customers can rely on with confidence, Salena Estate also offers bespoke contract bottling, private labels and bulk wine services, with a special focus on organic wines. Salena Estate is one of the top 20 largest wine producers in Australia with an average annual production of 15,000 tonnes and exports over 400 containers to over 10 countries.

Salena Estate believes that its show record of over 1,500 trophies, gold and silver medals and other awards gathered from around the globe is testament to its commitment to quality. Every Salena Estate wine is guaranteed to be made with the same meticulous care and attention to quality – no matter which variety, brand or price point.

Meet the Family…

Bob is the owner and Managing Director of Salena Estate Wines and has been since its inception in 1998. Before starting Salena Estate, Bob worked in the vineyards of family friends’ properties where he gathered all his knowledge and put his skills to the test. Bob has been, and still is to this day, part of all areas within the winery; from the vineyard and winemaking through to sales. If you’re lucky you can still catch him on a tractor or forklift during harvest.

Sylvia is the owner and Director of Salena Estate Wines since the company’s first commercial vintage in 1998. Sylvia met Bob at an Italian community dance held in the Riverland at age 16 and they were married three years later. Sylvia is in charge of the finance department at Salena Estate and is known for her charismatic personality and excellent cooking.

Salena is the daughter of Bob and Sylvia and is who the winery is named after. Salena’s first wine experience was at age ten, tasting and learning about wine around the dinner table. As the Marketing Manager, Salena spends her time travelling around the world promoting Salena Estate. If you can’t find Salena around the winery, it means she’s hiding out above the tanks watching the sunset with a glass of wine in hand.

Tyrone is the son and second child of Bob and Sylvia. Tyrone’s first memory of being part of Salena Estate is feathering the young vines that grew around the Franchitto’s family home. When Tyrone isn’t working as an engineer in Adelaide, he’s scoring on the soccer pitch. While he currently isn’t part of Salena Estate in an official capacity, he plans to return to the family business one day.

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