Slay All Day, Then Rosé


Slay All Day, Then Rosé, I’ll drink to that. Rich blush in colour, this wine is full of sugar, spice and all things nice. It will make you swoon with strawberries and cream with hints of sherbet that create the perfect spritz on your tongue. The first sip will
transport you directly to summer.

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Frosé All Day


• 120ml Of Slay All Day, Then Rosé
• 2 Large Strawberries
• 1 Soda Water / Lemonade (Depending On Sweetness)


1. Pour Slay All Day, Then Rosé into ice moulds and freeze for 4 hours
minimum to overnight
2. Put frozen rosé, strawberries and soda or lemonade into
blender until smooth consistency
3. Pour blended mixture into glass of choice and
4. Garnish with a strawberry and sprig of mint


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