Stop Moping, It's Merlot


Stop Moping, It’s Merlot, be happy. It’s hard to be sad with forest berries, vanilla and cedar making you excited for each sip. Let vanilla, anise and cherries take you from brooding to bold in a mouthful. By the time you finish your first glass, you’ll be on your way to your happy place.

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Don't Worry, Be Happy


• 90ml Stop Moping, Its Merlot
• Small Handful Of Mixed Berries
• 15ml Simple Syrup
• 15ml Lime Juice
• 60ml Soda Water
• Strawberry To Garnish


1. In a large cognac glass add mixed berries, simple syrup and lime juice
2. Muddle gently
3. Add Stop Moping, It’s Merlot, soda water and ice
4. Mix all together
5. Garnish with a strawberry


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