Wine Making

To efficiently process the harvest of over 200 hectares of estate vineyards, a modern winery of considerable sophistication is required. The facilities at Salena Estate represent a multi-million dollar investment and incorporate the latest state-of-the-art equipment and systems.

Peak processing capacity at Salena Estate is over 15,000 tonnes of grapes, with 14 million litres of temperature controlled stain- less steel storage on-site. This storage is fed by large and small capacity bag presses and an assortment of fermenting vessels.

However, the traditional aspects of winemaking are embraced as well as the high-tech. Salena Estate winery also houses a sizable array of French and American oak hogsheads and barriques, where our red wines rest quietly for months or even years to develop the perfect oak maturation characters.

As a contract bottling facility and bespoke private label supplier, Salena Estate has also invested in the latest bottling technology, while the winery’s status as a certified organic processor enables us to satisfy demand in this expanding segment of the wine market.

For maximum precision and quality control throughout production, all processes are measured and monitored by the winery’s in-house laboratory facilities.

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